Light Chasing Vehicle

For a foundations class I made a light chasing vehicle.

The vehicle was made with some laser cut acrylic, a breadboard some lego pieces and sensors.
6 Sensors in the front detect light and the programing chip tells the motors to go at the same time or only one at a time if it needs to turn.
Red wires go to 5V, black wires to Ground and the Yellow go to pins C0 to C5.

Two LED turn at the same time as the motors. This was really useful for debugging. There are 2 sources of power, the strip on the lower part of the picture is 5V passing through a rectifier, the strip at the top of the picture has the power straight from the source. Two transistors act as switches to turn the motor on and off. The speed of the motor is given by PWM.

The motor and the wheels are connected by 2 gears. This made it easier to assemble and the gear ratio helps the motor drive the car.

One motor for each wheel gave me a nice option to control direction.

The third wheel on the back is just for support and it swivels freely.