Digital Synesthesia Results

Using sensors and actuators, this project uses Sensory Substitution to translate sensory experiences that are outside of the sensory spectrum into sensory experiences that can be easily felt.

The headband is instrumented with IR sensors that face outwards and vibrating surface transducers that are felt in the forehead. Small changes in the surrounding temperatures that can't be felt with the skin, can now be felt as variable frequencies on the forehead.

This glove uses a proximity sensor and generates vibration on the wrist.

Users will be asked to scan different objects to see if they can discern different basic shapes without any visual cues.

Another glove has a pressure sensor on the tip of the middle finger. This device is used to gain insights in how an artificial sense compares to a natural sense.

All the devices are fabricated using the IOIO board and custom fabricated shields to interact with android devices.

A test subject trying to identify the shape of the object.

The test set up.

test setup.