Digital Synesthesia

Digital Synesthesia looks to evolve the idea of Human-Computer Interfacing and give way for Human-World Interacting. It aims to find a way for users to experience the world by perceiving information outside of their sensory capabilities.

Surround Vision

Surround Vision is a system that uses a mobile device to access other video footage while you watch a main screen.

Slam Force Net

The Slam Force Net was a project developed with group member Dan Novy. We wanted to create a basketball net that was able to detect the strength behind a dunk.

Mars Rover

Expeditionary Architecture

The EXP-Arch project is a mobile architecture capable of meeting a many space missions. The EXP-Arch proposes self-mobilizing, transformable systems combining robotics, inflatable and foldable lightweight structures, intelligent materials, and highly autonomous systems to revolutionize human and machine space exploration.


Food toys were manipulated so that their physical weight was proportional to the caloric content of the actual food. This project was used in the Hasbro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island to educate children suffering from obesity and over weight.


The Narratarium is an intelligent storytelling aide that can listen to the story you are telling and projects relevant imagery on the walls of the room.

Light Chasing Vehicle

This car was made with 3 light sensors at the tip. When a light was shone at it, the car would follow the light.

FoV Camera

I designed a light field camera with 5 webcams that were casted inside a silicone body. With a piston that I could control from behind I could push and spread the cameras increasing their Field of View.

Applied Impractical Bicycle Dynamics

This was a project about learning the dynamics of bicycles by building bisycles that were impractical. We took two old bikes broke them appart and welded them back together into one.